Application Process

We are currently accepting applications for our acceleration programs.

Note: We have a limited number of places and will be accepting only best teams, which share our Values and can Add Value to our community. The application process involves the analysis of the candidate’s plans, interviewing the management team, seeking advice from advisors, reviewing financials and checking references.


Our startups benefit from the rich Gamak ecosystem, which is backed by the by a group of top institutional and independent investors, which include:


We’re the pioneers of Belarus tech entrepreneurship, team that lunched first Belarusian IT Incubator and most successful project of 2011 G-Incubator. Now we come close to our dream to make the community of like-minded people who are comfortable with work and play. Each of us has recently or is currently running a technology company. We understand the most common challenges that all entrepreneurs face and can give necessary assistance and useful advice.


What makes Gamak special is the community. Our residents watch out for one another, respect one another, grab lunch together, get drinks at happy hour, and take care of their space. To stay true to this, we have to make sure that everyone that’s interested in Gamak realizes that it’s not just a work space. Because being a Gamak resident is so much more. The community we serve – a collection of entrepreneurs, activists, designers and architects – is at the heart of everything we do.


GamAK has assembled more than 100 world-class advisers to help build your business. Our mentor network includes Executives-in-Residence with their own records of success, industry leaders, technology experts, established entrepreneurs, service providers and investors ready to share real-world business experience.