GamAK has assembled more than 100 world-class advisers to help build your business. Our mentor network includes Executives-in-Residence with their own records of success, industry leaders, technology experts, established entrepreneurs, service providers and investors ready to share real-world business experience.

Perhaps the most important thing we offer our resident companies is coaching and advice aimed at helping them build their businesses. GamAK mentor network brings together proven experts with a wide variety of backgrounds, including experienced IT entrepreneurs, technology guru and venture capitalists. All of them are successful entrepreneurs who have grown their own companies, and carefully selected service providers who have worked with startup companies for many years. They are sharing their knowledge with residents, guide projects step-by-step and provide connections that dramatically accelerate project, improve team execution and  time to market. They’ll be your partners in seeing you succeed.

Mentors will share what they know about leading teams, building products, raising money, negotiating M&A, scaling infrastructure, and ultimately perfecting the pitch. A large part of the value of GamAKlies in learning how to process disparate information and advice from multiple Mentors and assimilate this feedback into a coherent direction for their company.  There is no absolutely correct strategy for a startup.  This is reality.  participants learn to listen to the wisdom of the Mentors and then make the best decision for their startup.

Our companies receive mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, experienced investors, industry experts, and connectors who help them strategize, prioritize, and expand their networks. Our mentors have a wealth of experience and large networks that they’re ready to share to help our startups succeed. They represent a wide range of industry experience and many have built successful companies and are thought leaders in creating sustainable impact.

They also leverage their networks to help gain early customers or make key introductions. It’s not only about the mentors though. Founding teams get help from each other as well. is a close community that values collaboration.

APPLY to be a mentor

We are only looking for the best, if you are a successful serial entrepreneur or a subject expert and feel enthusiastic about joining Gamak community, then please fill the form below:

What you should expect as a mentor

What is your biggest achievement on a professional level?

List any important things you have built so far (companies, side projects, libraries, open source contributions etc.) Provide links where relevant.

List any relevant conferences, events, meetups from the last 3 years you organized & or were speaking/mentoring at. When was it and how did you contribute?

List any publications you authored or co-authored. Provide links where relevant.

What is your main motivation to be Gamak Mentor?

Please provide contact information for two referrals (colleagues, coworkers, advisors, etc.)

Benefits for Mentors

1 – Early look at exciting startups, leading to potential advisory and board roles & investment opportunities.

2 – Have fun supporting high caliber teams working on actual startups.

3 – Expand your network with other talented and passionate mentors & entrepreneurs whilst supporting real startups.

4 – That warm fuzzy feeling of giving back to the community.

Mentor activities during program

1st month

2nd month

3rd month

1. Engage with startups during first two weeks 4. If hooked with one or more teams, engage weekly (face-to-face or virtually)

2. “Show your stuff” by joining a panel discussion or running a workshop on specific topic

3. Meet each team, engage and if relevant (you fall in love), become Lead Mentor

5. Critique early product betas, ask the right questions

6. Open your network to subject experts and other mentors as relevant

7. Focus on identifying and bringing on board first customers

8. Support world-class pitch and case preparation

9. If possible, attend the Investor Day and dazzle the investors!