What makes Gamak special is the community. Our residents watch out for one another, respect one another, grab lunch together, get drinks at happy hour, and take care of their space. To stay true to this, we have to make sure that everyone that’s interested in Gamak realizes that it’s not just a work space. Because being a Gamak resident is so much more. The community we serve – a collection of entrepreneurs, activists, designers and architects – is at the heart of everything we do.

Through an educational program, community-based co-working platform and events, we set the stage for these people to forge lifelong friendships, spawn new business ideas, tackle global issues, and in turn, make our world a better place. In the community that collaborates here. It’s more than 10 user groups, technology clubs and roundtables that meet here each month. It’s more than 2,500 entrepreneurs, executives, tech geeks and others that flow through these doors.

How to become part of Gamak community:

  1. Be interesting: make interesting events that could be useful for other residents.
  2. Be active: have ability and time to attend Gamak events and educational programs.
  3. Be helpful: have ability to coach or mentor other resident projects in different areas (marketing, design, law, accounting, recruiting, etc.)
  4. Be open-minded: be ready to change your mindset and do business in Silicon Valley way
  5. Be positive: we not making intrigues and dirty game and want to cowork and communicate with the
  6. Be synergetic: preference will be given to those companies that have a strong strategic fit with Gamak residence companies. This will directly affect our ability to add-value, provide useful networking opportunities, and assist in finding reference customers.
  7. Be successful: show the likely ability to pay members fee either through secured capitalization or cash flow.
  8. Be useful: have the potential to generate benefits for other residents (creating new jobs, contracts, PR, impact in the marketplace, etc.)
  9. Be no conflict: not be in direct competition with another our resident projects. If such a conflict appears likely, the applicant should meet with the resident company representatives.
  10. Be global: we have strong network of contacts to scale your project on global market (first step in Russia, second in EU or Silicon Valley)

If you meet our Values please fill the application form.