_calculate IT

The series of workshops is strategically designed to provide exclusive analytics on the IT market and equip participants with convenient tools for informed management and investment decisions. The primary objectives of the workshop include consolidating diverse information about market trends, assessing different sectors of the IT market, identifying current trends, and determining the value of IT companies.

Why to attend:

  • Receive detailed analyses of leading global IT companies (such as Facebook, Tesla, Uber, Apple, Zynga, and 45 more), including financial ratios, quotes, capitalization, and growth prospects.
  • Acquire the skills to identify current trends in the IT market and formulate optimal market strategies.
  • Gain insights into the factors influencing the assessment and value of IT and Internet companies.
  • Get expert answers to queries about the real value of companies and trends in the IT sector.


The workshop features presentations on the statistical and financial aspects of IT companies, covering revenue, profitability, prices, market capitalization, and financial ratios (P/E, P/S, EV/Sales, EV/EBITDA, etc.). The format involves a comprehensive analysis of the market situation, current sector trends, and practical insights.


This workshop is ideally suited for representatives of IT companies responsible for strategy and financials, ideally those holding CFO and CEO positions. Additionally, investors planning to invest in the Internet and IT sectors, aiming to make well-informed decisions, are strongly encouraged to participate.