_epic fails

The history of successful companies is often a tale of survival, where success is more a result of overcoming mistakes than a flawless journey. True learning in entrepreneurship comes from those who have encountered numerous setbacks, stepped on countless rakes, and are now ready to share their invaluable experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Why to attend:

  • Make reality check by learning from the pitfalls and challenges faced by expiriensed entrepreneurs.
  • Gain insights from individuals who attribute their success to the lessons learned from making mistakes.
  • Get actionable advice on navigating challenges, avoiding common pitfalls, and making informed decisions.
  • Find inspiration in the stories of resilience, perseverance, and eventual success shared by experienced entrepreneurs.


The session will adopt an engaging format, featuring candid discussions, real-life anecdotes, and an open forum for participants to interact with entrepreneurs who have weathered various storms. The emphasis will be on extracting practical wisdom from the experiences of those who have been through it all.


This event is tailored for budding entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, and anyone keen on gaining a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. It provides a unique opportunity to engage with seasoned entrepreneurs who are not just sharing success stories but unraveling the valuable lessons learned through trial and error.