Application Process

We are currently accepting applications for our 2013 acceleration programs.

Note: We have a limited number of places and will be accepting only best teams, which share our Values and can Add Value to our community. The application process involves the analysis of the candidate’s plans, interviewing the management team, seeking advice from advisors, reviewing financials and checking references.

Why to apply

The program offers a unique opportunity to learn about the alchemy of the IT world: how people, organizations, technologies, markets and ideas interact with each other;

It provides a stimulating environment to proactively take care of own self-development and the career path;

Successful students are eligible for summer internships in the partner organizations and graduates are highly demanded at the Russian labor market;

Even if you are not sure about your chances to join the core student team, it is a good idea to submit your application, because:

While writing it you will think (on paper!) about your interests and priorities. It really helps to understand what you have to do further;

Our corporate partners (e.g. EMC, Ingria, Deloitte) are looking for smart and curious students for internships and junior positions and in some cases you will just join their teams directly;

Some program’s home and graduate works require additional students to complete them. So program’s students will search for people to help them in their friends circles and program's applicants.



Why to tell a friend

As more of your friends will participate, there's more ways for you to get more out the program even if you are not invited to the core group. 3 persons who will recommend the most interesting applicants are directly invited for an interview (your friends have to mention you in the recommendations field).