We explore the intersection of Science and Art and run the International ArtTech Residence, a platform designed to showcase the application of scientific research and developments in the realm of art. Engage in events that highlight the synergy between science and art and demonstrate the practical implementation of scientific innovations in the artistic sphere.

Why to attend:

  • Discover the integration of science and art, exploring their reciprocal influences and collaborative endeavors.
  • Engage in hands-on experiences that demonstrate how scientific research is applied in the field of art.
  • Participate in discussions and events highlighting the interaction between science and art.
  • Experience live demonstrations showcasing how scientific research is applied in the field of art.


The International ArtTech Residence features a diverse range of events, including exhibitions, workshops, and collaborative projects. These activities provide a hands-on experience, demonstrating the tangible outcomes of integrating scientific insights into the artistic process.


This program is tailored for artists, scientists, researchers, and enthusiasts eager to explore the dynamic interplay between science and art. Whether you are a creative mind intrigued by scientific applications or a scientist curious about the artistic manifestations of research, the International ArtTech Residence provides a unique platform for cross-disciplinary exploration.