for communities

We offer ready-to-deploy Plug and Play event programs to technical communities, partner accelerators, and incubators. These unique programs and activities are designed to cultivate an innovative ecosystem within their platforms.


tech-drive is a curated series of events where we collaboratively test startup ideas with a community of industry experts. The primary objective is to identify potential weaknesses and challenges in a startup's business model before it enters the market.

_calculate IT

The series of workshops is strategically designed to provide exclusive analytics on the IT market and equip participants with convenient tools for informed management and investment decisions. The primary objectives of the workshop include consolidating diverse information about market trends, assessing different sectors of the IT market, identifying current trends, and determining the value of IT companies.

_futurological congress

Futurological Congress is a series of sessions dedicated to the discussion of current deep science technologies and their potential impact on the development of innovative projects. Each session aims to foster insightful conversations, explore groundbreaking discoveries, and identify emerging opportunities in the technological landscape.

_unicorns club

Unicorn Club is an exclusive community comprised of influential technological entrepreneurs and key players. It brings together a select group of individuals, including investors, VCs, business angels, technology company founders, and representatives from leading corporations. This closed community serves as a hub for collaboration, networking, and strategic partnerships among key players in the ever-evolving digital landscape.