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Our global talent pool is poised to drive innovation and elevate your business. Gain access to this pool — whether you have a specific use case to address, a technical challenge to overcome, or require an intern for an extended project. This opportunity is open to all our partners and scale-ups.

tech sessions

At Tech Sessions, we provide strategic guidance for the seamless integration of the latest technology stack into your company. Our sessions are meticulously crafted to empower your team with the knowledge and skills essential for incorporating cutting-edge technologies into your business operations.

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foresight sessions

Foresight Sessions are meticulously tailored to identify the prevailing technological trends that directly align with your company. These sessions function as a foresight mechanism, offering invaluable insights into the technological landscape and steering your company towards informed and strategic decisions.

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startups scouting

Our startup scouting service is designed to identify and curate startups within your specific industrial scope. We conduct a thorough search to discover innovative ventures that align with your industry, ensuring you have access to the latest and most relevant startup developments.

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corporate accelerators

Corporate Acceleration Programs represent a transformative initiative designed to foster the development of internal innovations within your company and seamlessly integrate them into the production cycle. These programs serve as catalysts for driving innovation, facilitating growth, and enhancing the overall efficiency of your corporate operations.

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Hackathons tailored to topics and directions that are highly relevant to your company. These events serve as dynamic platforms for collaborative problem-solving, fostering creativity, and driving innovation within your organization.

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