_global leap

We are cross-market experts and can be your guide to European, Asian, MENA, and LatAm markets. By exchanging currency for time, we scale efficiency by a factor of ten, saving you time, money, and other valuable company resources. We help reduce the time required for testing hypotheses and prepare the legal and organizational setup for effectively entering the international market.

programs overview

We will assist you in optimally structuring and localizing your business, considering legal, tax, and financial aspects, including regulatory and banking compliance. We provide support in the preparatory stage, including office setup, housing rental, and recommendations for reliable and cost-effective lawyers — a combination that is extremely rare.

This assistance significantly saves effort, time, and money at the outset, allowing you to direct resources efficiently towards core business tasks.

landing program

Provide essential infrastructure for smooth operations in the international market.

Key Points:

  • Legal entity registration.
  • Registration of legal and current addresses.
  • Bank account issuance.
  • Company registration support.
  • Provision of legal and current addresses.
  • Assistance in opening a bank account.
  • Consultations on general tax and legal matters.


Operational company functioning in the target location.


Initial payment: From 5,000 euros (covers all overhead costs, including company registration and the first month of the program).

Monthly fee: 500 euros starting from the second month.

scaling program

This program is tailored for companies poised to expand their business processes on a global scale.

Key points:

  • Develop a scaling strategy for local market.
  • Identify and target additional segments for expansion.
  • Formulate and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Establish a strong partner network.
  • Devise an effective personnel recruitment strategy.
  • Establish collegial management bodies, including the board of directors and board of advisors.
  • Prepare for fundraising initiatives.


  • Developed market entry strategy.
  • Prepared resources, including budget, a relocation-ready team, and secured necessary visas, logistics, and corporate structure.
  • Executed the strategy, establishing processes, recruiting personnel, and launching marketing and sales initiatives.


Starting from 5,000 euros per month.